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This year at Lime Street, we are excited to announce that we will continue the “Brilliant Bear Club” (BBC). If you are new to our school, the “Brilliant Bear Club” is a program that rewards students who are respectful, responsible, and create a safe environment.

In the BBC, students will be gathering bear tags, just like our Accelerated Reader (AR) program. Approximately every eighth week, right after Benchmark testing, students will receive a bear tag if they have successfully completed the following:

No Office Discipline Referrals (ODR)
No more than 1 Behavior Notice (white slips)
No more than 2 absences
No more than 1 tardy
No more than 1 early out
90% of homework completed and turned in
90% of assigned classwork completed and turned in
Not only do the students receive a cool bear tag, the child will also get to participate in a special activity on designated Brilliant Bear Club days. These activities will only be for those students that received the bear tag by following our school rules:




Some of the possible activities for the Brilliant Bear Club days are listed below:

Arts and Crafts
Staff Talent Show
Special Assemblies
G-rated Movies
GREAT NEWS! A student has a “fresh start” after each round of bear tags is over. This means that even if your child doesn’t make it on one round, they can make it on the next. Encourage them to always do their best!

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